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God of the Cross Rejected
Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy

Intelligent Design God's Introductory Face


evening ..morning.. day.. 111
evening.. morning.. day.. 222
evening.. morning.. day.. 333
evening.. morning.. day.. 444
evening.. morning.. day.. 555
evening.. morning.. day.. 666


Creation of Man on 6th Day

evening.. morning.. day ..666
Body ......Soul........Spirit ..666


7th Day Rest

evening.. morning.. day ..777
Body .....Soul......Spirit ..

No 777 for Man on 7th Day


Mortal Man from 666 Carbon Dust with 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protrons.


(Intelligent Design of Man both Spiritual 666 and scientific 666)


Atmospheric heaven from 777 nitrogen with 7 electrons, 7 neutrons, and 7 protrons.



(Intelligent Design of atmosphere 777 and 7th day count 777 agree. Note that atmosphere is 77.7% nitrogen)


The Budlike 3 x 3-sided triangles = 18 = 666.



Petals Open Outward


The Blossomed 777